Branding makes perfect  

We are


A strategic branding, and design studio that creates, maintains, and refreshes your brand from strategy to experience. We provide creative services on three primary axes, Strategy, Branding, and Communication.

To get to know who we are, you need to know how everything started.

Squad was originally created to fill the gap between artistic minds and strategic ones. We wanted to be one of the few packs who understood the jungle’s needs. At the end of the day, Storytelling is story selling, and we know how to ace the job by creating something that looks good and sells great, bridging the client’s philosophy to meet the Squad’s abilities with great respect to keeping up with both.

Squad Vision


Making the world shine a little bit brighter by creatively narrating brands’ stories using our three musketeers of Strategy, Branding, and Communication.

Squad Mission


Building unique brands from strategy to experience.


We come in packages

We come in packages

Have you ever dealt with a Squad? It’s us and our clients vs the world, ALWAYS!

You are part of the Squad.

You are part of the Squad. too

Once you’re in, you can never get out. The end of your project is not the end of our journey together, you might call for a tip or two later and we will always pick up the phone for you.

Cultured - Community

Cultured community

Believing that our quality is the reflection of our work environment.

We harmonize

We harmonize

Maybe we are not the best symphony you might come across, but we are practicing every single day to be.

We know how to party!

We know how to party!

Just like a Squad. we would do, we know how to party hard

Our Team

Wessam El Shazli

— Founder & Creative Strategist

Mohamed Saeed

— Associate Creative Director

Ahmed Hassan

— Art Director

Noha Mohamed

— Art Director

Nada Ali

— Art Director

Mohamed Sadek

— Art Director

Ahmed Halim

— Graphic Designer

Omar Adel

— Graphic Designer

Khaled stouhy

— Graphic Designer

Abdelrahman Mahrous

— Graphic Designer

Mahmoud El Gammal

— Motion Graphic Designer

Norhan Abo Bakr

— Illustrator & Animator

Abdelrahman Hamdy

— Illustrator & Graphic Designer

Rehab Elsheikh

— Graphic Designer

Mayar Rwash

— Senior Account Manager

Haneen El-feky

— Senior Account Manager

Jihad Mohammed

— Account Manager

Obai Basamh

— Content Writer

Tarek Naguib

— HR Director

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